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VR Edinburgh, Scotland

Deep Vision Studios is Scotland's leading specialist virtual reality producer, creating amazing immersive 360 degree VR video productions, engaging and immersing your audience in metaverse movies or interactive experiences.


Our filmed virtual reality experiences are shot on state of the art 6 lens stereoscopic VR cameras producing full 360° 8K stereoscopic 3D VR films. With over 25 years experience in interactivity, film and video production we deliver industry leading production services and an enthusiasm for technology to non traditional creative services.


With our studio based just outside Edinburgh we are a VR production company perfectly positioned to produce VR videos for clients in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen in fact all of Scotland and all across the UK.


  • 20+ Years Film Production

  • 10+ Years Award Winning Stereo 3D Production

  • 5+ Years real-world, commercial experience in VR Production

  • Innovative Creative Solutions - e.g. Hybrid Film/Interactive VR

  • VR is our primary focus

  • Flexible & Cost Effective



Clients for whom we have produced virtual reality films or interactive vr experiences include:

  • Kimberley-Clark: Huggies Pull-Ups

  • C&C Group: Menabrea Birra

  • Loch Lomond Group: Glen Scotia Whisky  

  • Hope Sixteen (No.87): Highland Spring 

  • Seafood in Scotland

  • Continuum Attractions: The Real Mary Kings Close

  • D3 Renewables (Onshore Wind)

  • Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB)

  • Pict Offshore: Product Demonstration 

  • National Health Service (NHS/MPG)

  • St Giles Cathedral (University of Glasgow)

There's extensive coverage of VR on our blog delving into a wide range of creative and technology based topics. 



Alternative formats such as VR180 which delivers a limited view vr video can allow non-technical creators to produce vr content, and although this is relatively engaging and staging a mini-comeback in 2022 due to ease of production, nothing beats the immersive experience of a full 360 degree stereoscopic 3D VR film. Why do VR in halves when you can do the full 360!


All of our films are currently shot using state of the art 6 lens 360° cameras to deliver 8K stereoscopic 3D VR films.

Watching a VR film is much more akin to standing in the actual locations than watching a film on a screen. Production must therefore consider this and allow the viewer the ability to choose where to look around the full immersive environment, not limiting it to half of the field of vision.

You're VR experience needn't only be a passive viewing one either, our project with AHDB mixes filmed 360° content with programmed interactivity in a unique hybrid vr experience, giving the client the best of both worlds with cinematic filmed content sequences linking together a range of interactive elements. All fully immersive and within the same app.


VR Headsets & More

Virtual Reality Headsets are constantly evolving so the VR hardware we initially produced content for were very different from what we work with today.

As this is written the most commonly used VR Headset is the Meta Quest 2 (formerly Oculus Quest 2) which support playback of 6K Stereoscopic VR Film. The Meta Quest Pro is rumoured to be launching in October 2022 with superior specs in may ways as well as a new video throughput system which will allow for head mounted Augmented Reality to be overlaid on the live video feed (often called Mixed Reality or XR). This will open a whole host of new options for the creative uses of this technology.

Whether creating a VR Film to be viewed by a single viewer at a time, at a typical tradeshow for example, or on a custom installed multi-headset VR Cinema, Deep Vision Studios has the experience and the know how to produce and help you to deliver your VR film to your audience.

Viewing VR content on a headset is the optimal way to view this content but it needn't stop there. VR Films can be viewed on computers, tablets and mobile devices using the likes of YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook. The media can also be manipulated to create engaging "Tiny Planet" or reframed video edits which can be used for social media or wider video production.


The good thing to know is that VR films needn't be out of reach. Over the last few years, as hardware and software has advanced, production costs have become closer to traditional video production and of course VR production uses many of the same skills and processes as a traditional film or video.

If you wish to know more about possible vr solutions for your business or would like to see our showreel, on a headset of course, do please get in touch.

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