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St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh VR 360 in Stereoscopic 3D

Working in conjunction with The University of Glasgow I had the great pleasure yesterday of commencing the first stage of our virtual reality research project filming panoramic content in the majestic St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh.

The VR film, shot in 360° 3D at 8K resolution, will provide guests with access to areas which would normally be inaccessible and will provide some amazing, seldom seen 360 degree panoramic views from high up in the Edinburgh city centre in glorious stereoscopic 3D.

Our original schedule had this initial shoot planned for September 12th but due to the Queen's sad passing and subsequent lying at rest in St Giles, this had been postponed until this week.

Further images and information on when the VR film will be made available will be posted as the project develops.

Andrew Murchie is a creative technology consultant based in Edinburgh, Scotland specialising in stereoscopic 3d virtual reality films. He has produced Virtual Reality films & experiences for clients including NHS, Kimberly-Clark, The UK Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board, Highland Spring, Seafood in Scotland, Pict Offshore and Tennent Caledonian Breweries.

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