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Live Streaming Scotland on a budget

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

It's amazing how time has changed in the last 12 months and how the thoughts of live streaming your event, far from being an exotic add-on, is now a core strategy. Scottish tourist attractions and Museums are looking forward to resuming welcoming guests back but this doesn't mean the end of virtual tours or virtual events being livestreamed from Scotland to the world beyond.

For guest attractions and others in the museums/visitor centre sector livestreaming now presents a viable option to retain that link with your existing audience and also to promote your location/attraction to a wider online audience such that you are top of the list for when tourism returns to normal. We all know having virtually visited a location or attraction doesn't reduce the desire to see "the real thing" in fact far from it: the virtual taster simply feeds the desire to see the real things, close up & in person.

Having primarily launched Deep Vision Studios to concentrate on VR, AR & 3D the impact of lockdown and Covid gave us the opportunity to develop new skills and to bring our innovative view of digital technology and digital platforms to bear upon the burgeoning live streaming market. The step from filming and editing to a livestream isn't very wide so it was a natural fit and has been really fulfilling to be involved in providing live streaming advice, production services and manning the technology for The Real Mary King's Close here in Edinburgh.

Primarily we asked the question: was there a sweet spot somewhere between the very basic low level and somewhat uninspiring Zoom call with multiple users chatting through PowerPoint slides on their webcams and the extensive requirement to provide a broadcasting equivalent of a full BBC outside broadcasting truck & crew.

For relatively small visitor attractions the cost of a full broadcast level team is simply not financially viable - doubly so in a time when guest income in non-existent. At the same time to engage a Netflix era audience online already suffering Zoom fatigue it requires something more than a webcam and some Microsoft Office PPT Templates.

So it's that sweet spot that DVS has located - able to provide high quality production values with powerful motion graphics support and producing livestreams that deploy broadcast quality experiences with the minimum overhead. It's possible to achieve this by analysing the entire production process and minimising the need for a large crew using simple fixed operator-free cameras, direct to camera audio and easy to use modern video mixing systems.

As each project is unique it may be that some require a more substantial team, and Deep Vision Studios is well placed to can scale the production to suit both the budget and the requirements; calling on a wide range of skilled professionals if required and budget allowing or providing a simple streamlined one or two person operation if that is all the budget allows. By then delivering a bespoke blend of pre-created motion graphics, fixed cameras, pre-recorded content and live presenters (ideally with some user interaction) it's often possible to deliver the excitement and near equivalent of a TV broadcast with only one or two operators and for a faction of the cost.

If you'd like to find out more about our offering or there's anything else DVS might be able to help you with we're just an email away.

Specialist Streaming Options and Services

Deep Vision Studios can provide a full-service, one-stop-shop solution to deliver your livestream providing all hardware, software and personnel required. This includes production of pre-filmed content, animated motion graphics and all the hardware required to successfully stream from your location (network capacity allowing). Alternatively we can work with your internal team and onsite skills to provide just the additional support and services needed to get your planned livestream up and running in the most cost effective and efficient way possible.

We also have a wider range of niche skills on offer. For example we have an unusual livestream coming up in April - streaming in Stereoscopic 3D for viewers with suitable hardware/glasses; whether that be modern 3D TV's or Stereo3D enabled projectors, or even just plain old skool red blue anaglyph 3d glasses - our viewers will be able to experience live 3D interaction and pre-recorded films in all their 3D glory. Find out more here

And if you're interested in creating a VR livestream in Scotland, whether in 2D or glorious stereoscopic 3D, do please give us a call. Live streamed Scottish Virtual Reality tours of our historic environments would be a fantastic introduction for our international guests to see what Scotland has to offer.

Andrew Murchie is a filmmaker and creative technologist based in Edinburgh, Scotland specialising in virtual reality, augmented reality, stereoscopic 3d, livestream broadcasting and a range of more traditional digital filmmaking skills. He has produced VR, AR & livestreams for clients including The Real Mary King's Close, Dynamic Earth & Seafood Scotland.

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