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Updated: Oct 13, 2021

I was recently involved in delivering a exciting little project in the form of an Augmented Reality Guidebook for one of Edinburgh's premier visitor attractions The Real Mary Kings Close. The AR enhanced guidebook brings to life a number of the famous characters from the site who share some of the fascinating historic tales of the close.

Although I've done a fair number of augmented reality projects over the last few years this was the first one to use a standard web browser thus reducing the "hassle" factor of having to download yet another app for consumers. Typically we've developed custom apps or used one an off the shelf system, however the ability to do this without forcing the user to download anything felt like one less hurdle to adoption of the technology by a wider audience. The technology is maturing and ran on a wide range of modern phones and tablets, running both iOs and Android.

The original proposal and video content was produced in 2019 and was due to launch in 2020 - until Covid reared it's ugly head. (Does Covid have a head?)

It's taken a while to get here but finally lockdown seems to be ending and it's now a perfect time to launch The Real Mary King's Close Web AR Guidebook. You can pick up a copy in The Real Mary King's Close shop in Edinburgh or you may be able to order one online via their official website.

If you're interested in discussing this or any of our other services please do get in touch.

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