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VR Intervention Rental Films

We recently completed our latest Virtual Reality Film project which entailed the creation of 6 short VR films for Intervention Rentals who provide a range of services to the energy sector. The VR films were initially for use at the Offshore Exhibition 2023 in Aberdeen, Scotland and based on client feedback were a "huge success".

"The filming, editing and production that Andrew at Deep Vision Studios did for our international exhibition and web content was a real game changer for us. We had some complicated concepts to present and the way Andrew immediately understood the brief, planned, executed the filming and finished the packages was excellent. It saves us many weeks of face-to-face contact and gets our USP’s directly to the key contacts. I will be using Andrew for all such media moving forward."

Alex Leddy, Commercial Director for Sustainability


Each of the films opened with a dramatic aerial VR shot which provided a view of the overall exterior of the site, showing the scale of storage as well as a wide range of the materials available from the facility. (Aerial VR supplied by Lucas Scott of Illuminate Media.)


Each short VR film then looked in detail at one aspect of Intervention Rental's offering. The films focussed on: Flowline, Iron Management, Measurement, Nemesis, Well Head Services and ICE.

The films were controlled during the Offshore Exhibition using an iPad controller to manage which film was played at any time to the VR headset, enabling non-vr-experienced users to simply pop on the headset and experience the VR, without having to then struggle with controllers or technology they were unused to.

If you are interested in learning more about our VR filmmaking offering do please get in touch.

Andrew Murchie is a creative technology consultant based in Edinburgh, Scotland specialising in virtual reality films & 3D. Over the last 5+ years he has produced Virtual Reality films & experiences for clients including NHS, Kimberly-Clark, The UK Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board, Highland Spring, Seafood in Scotland, Pict Offshore and Tennent Caledonian Breweries.

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