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The New Vision - Deep Vision Studios

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

CD ROMs. That’s how it started. Imagine that. CD ROMs.

In an age where streaming 4K films has become the norm it can be difficult to explain the initial amazement of a computer medium that could very quickly and interactively play animations, sound, even postage stamp sized video clips and could be distributed as inexpensively as a music CD!

Yet here we are 25 years later, VR headsets strapped tightly on our heads being whisked across a virtual universe, AR technology superimposing mythical creatures on the world right in front of our eyes and sci-fi like lightfield displays presenting interactive “holograms” that look just like real 3D objects. And not a CD ROM in sight.

So, nearly a quarter of a century since I made my first tentative steps into the digital world, initially being employed as a CD ROM Developer by EURO RSCG KLP in Edinburgh, then founding and spending many years working on a wide range of digital project in Multiply, I felt again the time was right for a change. I needed the change to refocus my efforts and passion into the creative deployment of emerging technologies - Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, whilst maintaining my life long passion for 3D and filmmaking.

With that in mind I’d like to introduce Deep Vision Studios. A place for VR, AR, 3D and beyond. A marriage of creativity and technology, enhancing storytelling with the most immersive mediums available.

Our first commercial project, a 3D brand film, for the forward-thinking housebuilding company Mactaggart & Mickel, has just been completed and launched on their stunning glasses-free 3D screen.

Next in the pipeline is our limited edition 3D blu-ray compilation of Enhanced Dimensions 3D shorts, music videos and animations - “Enhanced Dimensions: COLLECT3D”. A kickstarter campaign is coming soon so if you have an interest in 3d film, and supporting small independent producers, please bookmark us and see if there’s any rewards that take your fancy once we launch our kickstarter?

Beyond our commercial VR, AR and 3D projects we also have a couple of concepts under development in relation to 3d film and are in discussions with another amazing local studio for a very interesting VR related project. More news to follow.

Thanks for your time in reading this, and if you are interested in our VR, AR or 3D capabilities do please get in touch we’re happy to come out and demonstrate how these technologies might well work for your marketplace.

And we don’t even need a CD ROM drive. Floppy disks though. Don’t get me started on floppy disks!

Andrew Murchie. Founder at Deep Vision Studios. Edinburgh, Scotland.

Andrew is a Creative Technologist & Award Winning Filmmaker with over 25 years experience in creating innovative digital solutions for Scottish, UK and global clients.

Andrew's has directed VR films for Scottish clients including Menabrea Birra, Highland Spring, Seafood Scotland and The Real Mary Kings Close. In addition he has produced Augmented Reality experiences for Our Dynamic Earth and Social Enterprise UK as well as stereoscopic 3D animated content for Nintendo's 3DS and glasses free 3D content for Mactaggart & Mickel.

Andrew's 3D films & animations have screened on TV, Nintendo's 3DS & in film festivals worldwide receiving accolades including Best Direction, Best 3-D Cinematography, Excellence in Visual Arts and a Director’s Choice Award for his live action 3D short films at the LA 3D Film Festival. "Cycle”, Andrew’s first short film, was Scotland’s first live action digital stereoscopic 3D short film.

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