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Stereoscopic 3D in Scotland

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Anaglyph Red Cyan Stereoscopic 3D Glasses
Stereo 3D Content made in Scotland

As part of the Deep Vision Studios site launch we've finally updated our stereoscopic 3D film reels. Shot using native stereoscopic 3D cameras and 3D rigs, or animated using our bespoke stereo 3d toolset, DVS has produced award winning stereoscopic 3D content in Scotland for over a decade.

3D films needn't be limited to Hollywood blockbusters nor vastly expensive theme park rides. Done sensibly and creatively, and using digital 3D cameras & digital 3D projection systems, 3D movies for your brand, experience or visitor attraction provides an enhanced premium experience unavailable at home for little more than a similar 2D production.

Deep Vision Studios is the only Scottish based film & video production company with extensive experience in delivering true stereoscopic 3D film, animation and motion graphic content. We own a selection of native stereo 3D cameras and rigs for filming and have our custom 3D toolkit for animation and conversion. Our stereoscopic projects have appeared on Television (Channel 4), Nintendo 3DS Game Consoles and in film festivals around the globe. We have equally delivered commercial products for clients using the latest range of glasses-free 3D screens and we are actively developing concepts and content for the next generation of "holographic" technologies such as those from the Looking Glass Factory and Dimenco.

There's so much award winning content from our 3D narrative driven short films, corporate & commercial work, art projects & music videos that we've split the showreels in two with one featuring our live action content and the other focused on animation and motion graphic work. Enjoy.



Both these reels are featured in 2D here, but if you would like to see them in all their stereoscopic glory, and you have suitable viewing equipment, then do drop me an email or message me on LinkedIn and I'll be more than happy to send you links to view them bursting out of your screen in Stereoscopic 3-Dimensions!

If you'd like to find out more on how a 3D film might enhance your business do please get in touch.

Andrew Murchie is an award winning filmmaker based in Edinburgh in Scotland. He has over a decades experience in producing stereoscopic 3D films including commercial 3D films for Nintendo's 3DS and glasses free 3D content for Mactaggart & Mickel. Andrew's stereo 3D films & animations have screened on TV and film festivals worldwide receiving accolades including Best Direction, Best 3-D Cinematography, Excellence in Visual Arts and a Director’s Choice Award for his live action 3D short films at the LA 3D Film Festival. "Cycle”, Andrew’s first short film, was Scotland’s first live action digital stereoscopic 3D short film.

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