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Stereo 3D Livestream - Post Stream Review

On Saturday 17th April 2021 Deep Vision Studios ran our first ever dual stream stereoscopic 3D livestream to 3D fans across the globe. We had viewers from the US, Europe and across the UK joining us to watch some of our rarer stereoscopic 3d content as well as Andrew chatting in some detail about the films that were screened.

As far as we're aware this is the first time a 3D dual stream has been attempted in the UK (or Europe for that matter) - with a side-by-side format (L-R) providing a full colour contemporary digital 3D experience for viewers with suitable 3D Televisions, Projectors or Monitors whilst the Red Blue Anaglyph stream provided a 3D experience for viewers without the fancy hardware with them just needing a simple pair of old-skool Red-Blue 3D Glasses.

The primary focus was the higher end experience of the digital 3D in side-by-side 50% squeezed format which was produced with a mix of pre-recorded 3D filmed content and a live 3D feed from a (now quite rare) 3D Sony Camera. This feed was then auto-converted from the side-by-side format to an anaglyph one which was then streamed as a second stream to YouTube.

The show featured a number of rarely seen 3D films including a 10 minute promotional stereoscopic film produced for Mactaggart & Mickel a (fine) Scottish Housebuilding company that has a longstanding involvement with developing 3D content for their high-end glasses free 3d reception screens.

This film featured content filmed on the Professional Panasonic AG3D1A 3D camera (pictured) as well as a large number of After Effects based motion graphics scenes which used existing 2D footage with overlaid text and images to generate the three dimensional animations.

The show then went on to feature further shorter pieces including the trailer from "Situation Vacant" an excerpt from the animated short pilot of BearShark, the Crime Squad 3D Pilot and finally the Deep Vision Studios 3D Reel.

Between the films Andrew was on hand to respond to viewers questions, or just to say hi, and to chat about the various films, delving into details of how they came about, equipment used and a wide range of related topics.

Feedback from the viewers was really fantastic with positive comments throughout for the quality of the 3D. Based on reviewing the stats this morning, split between the side-by-side and anaglyph 3D streams there was around 210 viewers which for a niche livestream at 21:30 on a Saturday night feels like an acceptable result.

Not a usual Saturday night for a filmmaker on the outskirts of Edinburgh, but hopefully one we can do again in the not too distant future.

And please don't forget if you're interested in picking up one of a limited number of copies of our "Enhanced Dimensions: COLLECT3D" 3D Blu-ray there's more information about the disc and how to buy one on our products page.

Andrew Murchie is a filmmaker and creative technologist based in Edinburgh, Scotland specialising in virtual reality, augmented reality, stereoscopic 3d, livestream broadcasting and a range of more traditional digital filmmaking skills. He has produced VR, AR & livestreams for clients including The Real Mary King's Close, Dynamic Earth & Seafood Scotland.

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