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Kandao QooCam EGO Stereo 3D Camera/Viewer

Kandao, who are a major player in the VR camera market, have taken the unusual step of releasing a stereoscopic all-in-one camera/viewer called the QooCam EGO. There's been very little interest shown by the larger electronic companies since the 3d boom in the early to mid 2010's so it's interesting to see that Kandoa think there may be a market for such a device.

Kandao claim this is the World’s first 3D camera for "instant immersion" by which I presume they mean you can shoot then instantly view stereoscopic 3d footage on the device. The footage is recorded at dual 1920*1080@60 FPS with still images shot at dual 4k x 3k.

Based on experience having used a range of consumer and pro 3d camera systems I'd say it's footage looks reasonably good for it's price of around £200 - it's better than anything I saw coming of the Fuji W1/W3 which admittedly wasn't a video camera and probably up there with some of the more consumer level 3d camcorders from the boom in the early-mid 2010's.

Colour wise it looks fairly basic - no HDR with skies in their exterior shot demo's blown out to white but again for a £200 stereoscopic video camera what can you expect. The indoor footage appeared better being bright and colourful.

That's not to say the camera doesn't have it's issues, even for a point and click device there's some stereoscopic challenges that can't simply be ignored. Based on the sample footage one issue you will encounter unless you're watching footage on the camera/viewer itself is going to be the z depth/interaxial as it appears to be fixed with everything in negative space so on my screen based test there were windows violations on all the demo footage I reviewed.

Based on the Kickstarter page and the content I've seen it doesn't appear that there are any controls to adjust the zero parallax in the camera itself. Of course you can fix that in post production but it does mean you will always need to crop in to what is already fairly basic footage.

So you can improve the footage by shifting the parallax and equally I found some targeted brightening and a small amount of unsharp mask helped give the footage some extra 3d zing.

The camera has already rocketed passed it's initial Kickstarter target by a factor of ten so there's no doubt the market for this little camera exists. For the equivalent of £200 it's really difficult to argue that this is a fun little camera/viewer if stereoscopic stills and footage is of interest.

If you don't already have a 3d camcorder I'd suggest you grab one of their Kickstarter rewards while you can!

NOTE: Stereoscopic 3D footage is captured on this device in a side by side format in full colour @ 60Mbit in mp4 format, the shots on this page are in anaglyph to simplify for a wider 3d audience who may view this post. The side-by-side format is commonly used and well known in stereoscopic 3d circles.

There's a great resource still available online that covers the principles of stereoscopic 3d - if you need a refresher or an intro to the topic Sky's basic principles of 3d is well worth a read.

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