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Hidden 3D - Award Winning Short Film

Running Time: 06:50

Genre: Cop Drama

Release Date: October 2012

Hidden 3D on IMDB


Desperate to locate her kidnapped daughter, police Captain Ramona Lewis tracks convicted paedophile, Callum Newman, to a remote farmhouse complex. Taunted by Newman, whom she played a key role in convicting years earlier, Ramona is dragged towards the dramatic showdown with potentially fatal consequences.

Hidden is a powerful police drama filmed in stereo 3D as part of the Glasgow 2012 48 Hour Film Project.

In the original full edit two youngsters, played by Fraser R Fulton, who now fronts Midnight Ambulance and Rory Douglas-Speed, who went on to star in UK soap Hollyoaks, taunt Ramona in a rural path. This scene was removed as it made the film exceed the time limit of 7 minutes for a 48 Hour Film Project entry. The full version with this scene was included on the "Enhanced Dimensions: COLLECT3D" Blu-ray.


HIDDEN had it’s premiere on Wednesday 10th October 2012 at the Glasgow Film Theatre (GFT).

Hidden was the first stereo 3D entry to the 48 hour film project in Glasgow. Although filmed and edited in stereo 3d the initial screening was projected in 2d only due to limited access to stereoscopic technology in the GFT.


  • Lisa Glen – Captain Ramona Lewis

  • Magnus Sinding – Callum Newman

  • Rory Douglas-Speed – Hoodie 1

  • Fraser R Fulton – Hoodie 2


  • Andrew Murchie – Producer, Writer, Director

  • Rhiannon Grist – Writer, Assistant Director

  • Austen McCowan – Editor

  • Dale Peet – Sound Recordist

  • Rosie Murchie – Location Manager

  • Dominic Suominen – Behind The Scenes Footage

  • Astrid Allan – Production Assistant

  • Neil Warden – Original Music


  • Multiply

  • Craigies Farm

  • 1 Let

  • Jasmine Mather

  • Candice Murchie

  • Sam & Louise from 48 Hour Film Project


October 2012 – 48 Hour Film Project Glasgow (UK)

December 2012 – LA 3D Film Festival (USA)

June 2013 – National Stereoscopic Association 3D-Con 2013 (USA)


December 2012 – Director’s Choice Award, LA 3D Film Festival

The film also uses stock music from the Video Copilot Pro Scores collection.

This film featured on our "Enhanced Dimensions: COLLECT3D" 3D Blu-ray release.


Andrew Murchie is an award winning 3D filmmaker and creative technologist based in Edinburgh, Scotland specialising in virtual reality, augmented reality, stereoscopic 3d, livestreaming and a range of more traditional digital filmmaking skills. He has produced & directed independent stereoscopic 3-D films,Virtual Reality films, livestreams & Augmented Reality experiences.

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