• Andrew Murchie

FREE Stereoscopic 3D Repair Kit - After Effects Template

Updated: Aug 31

When shooting with dual camera on a stereoscopic 3D rig there's a range of challenges and potential problems which can occur should the left and right cameras not be perfectly aligned when shooting.

The free eD 3D Stereo Repair Kit is an After Effects based tool from Deep Vision Studios which can deal in post production with a range of these types of flaws in the source footage although it should be noted it can't resolve major issues such as left right synchronisation problems.

The tutorial on how to use the Stereo Repair Kit covers the details of what this can fix and the controls on how to do this.

The Stereo 3D Repair Kit can be downloaded here for absolutely free! If you do use it we'd appreciate a mention or a link back to the site. :)

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