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Back to Multidimensional Business 2023

We've been quiet here on the blog over the festive period, primarily focussing on our internal project raising funding via Kickstarter to release one of our archive stereoscopic 3D projects on 3D Blu-ray Disc. Although Disc sales in general have dropped away as streaming has taken over the only current way to effectively distribute high quality stereoscopic content remains on 3D Blu-ray. Sadly, although very easily made possible, the streaming services have shown no serious interest in supporting 3D; Amazon Prime for example won't even allow a film to be uploaded and shared if it has 3D in the title. Very frustrating.

The project in question is Crime Squad 3D. Crime Squad 3D tells the adventures of hapless cop duo Richard Rize & Dawn Shine as they attempt to take down Mr Big in their crime infested city. Facing danger at every turn they apparently fight the good fight on our behalf.

Crime Squad 3D was meticulously shot using native 3D technology in 2012/2013, edited in 2014 and released to the near thunderous applause of the cast, crew & their families in mid-2015. Having launched on YouTube just as the 3D craze was waning the comedy web series was only available online for a short time prior to being saved in our 3D vaults.

Only previously available in 3D online via YouTube in a compressed side-by-side format at 720p, this will be the first time Crime Squad will be seen as intended in full 1080p Glorious Digital 3D.

The Crime Squad 3D Blu-ray Kickstarter has gone phenomenally well, reaching an amazing 264% of our initial funding goal with supporters from USA, Canada, UK, Japan, Germany and all over the rest of Europe. We have set and exceeded 4 stretch goals - adding bonus content for each.

There has been a massive social media campaign supporting this, all created in-house, and predominantly attempting to retain some of the humour from the series. The campaign reached across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube & Vimeo as well as some 3D Blu-ray specific forums & groups.

Any remaining copies will be made available via a page on this site once production is complete.

But now back to business as usual... AR, VR... get your AR & VR here... come on don't be shy...

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