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Crime Squad 3D Blu-ray

The greatest 3D cop comedy parody web series based in Scotland... ever!

Welcome to Crime Squad 3D, a parody of 70s/80s TV cop shows which tells the adventures of hapless cop duo Richard Rize & Dawn Shine as they attempt to take down Mr Big in their crime infested city. Facing danger at every turn they fight the good fight on our behalf. (Or at least that’s what it says here.)

Crime Squad 3D was meticulously shot using native 3D technology in 2012/2013 and released as a six part stereoscopic 3D web series in mid-2015. Having launched on YouTube just as the 3D craze was waning the comedy web series was only available online for a short time prior to being safely secured in Enhanced Dimensions 3D Vaults. Until now...

Only previously available in 3D online via YouTube in a compressed side-by-side format at 720p, this will be the first time Crime Squad will be seen as intended in full 1080p Glorious Digital 3D.

Now completely remaster3d from the original source footage, re-edited and finally includes the cheesy TV style laughter track exactly as Producer, Director and all-round-“nice”-guy Andrew Murchie intended. Some may call him a dictatorial fascist, but that wouldn’t be fair at all. He’s really nice. (Or at least that what it says here.)

Originally released as a six part web series via YouTube, with the middle 4 episodes telling one tale, the remastered edition now presents "STALKED: Crime Squad Episodes 02 - 05" edited into one contiguous episode. In addition the VHS style (de)grading originally intended to give an aged look has been depreciated leaving a near pristine 3d image. 

For (much) more info please visit our Kickstarter Page for this project.

Limited stock of the 4 Disc Deluxe Edition are now available. To purchase a copy please visit our Ebay Store.

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