Enhanced Dimensions: COLLECT3D

Deep Vision Studios is proud to present our first Digital 3D Bluray release, the limited edition "Enhanced Dimensions: COLLECT3D".

This disc brings together a number of short 3d films, a web series, music videos and animated content produced by Enhanced Dimensions between 2010 and 2015. Shot natively on 3d cameras and rigs this content provides an example of what could be achieved on low or no budget stereoscopic productions at the time using the emerging stereoscopic 3d hardware and software. That is over two hours of rarely seen, award winning, native 3D content!

Available in single or double disc limited editions this is the first time these films and associated content has been available on a 3D bluray Disc in full 1080p resolution. 

Please view our Kickstarter for more details on how to get your hands on a copy of this disc while you can.

Enhanced Dimensions: COLLECT3D Content

Main Program Running Time: 106 Minutes

Cycle 3D

Following a motorcycle accident, the dazed and confused rider returns home to find his house empty, desolate and for sale. Little does he realise the truth of the young couple looking to buy his house nor the cyclical nightmare that unfolds

The Collection

Creepy horror filmed as part of the Edinburgh 48 Hour Film Project in 2012. Hanging around with the collection obsessed Professor Kit Young isn’t quite what research assistant Julian Lamb expected.


An ultra-short romantic comedy involving a boy, a girl and a cake.


Tense police drama with scenes of violence and bad language filmed as part of the Glasgow 48 Hour Film Project in 2012.
Desperate to locate her kidnapped daughter, police Captain Ramona Lewis tracks convicted paedophile, Callum Newman, to a remote farmhouse complex. Taunted by Newman, whom she played a key role in convicting years earlier, Ramona is dragged towards the dramatic showdown with potentially fatal consequences.

Situation Vacant

Mysterious drama filmed as part of the Edinburgh 48 Hour Film Project in 2013. Job seeker Connie Ray is preparing for her latest job interview. Little does she realize this is one position she would rather leave vacant.

Crime Squad 3D Episode 01

Officers Dick Rize and Dawn Shine find themselves on a sting operation with a difference. Can they survive? Will they make the Captain proud? What is the best flavour of donut?
Find out the answers to these questions and more in “Crime Squad 3D - DRESS3D DOWN”.

Crime Squad 3D Episode 02

Rize & Shine face their toughest challenge yet: protecting the bear punching, seal eating, crazed rock legend that is Havoc. Can they deter the stalker? What darkness lurks in Havoc Towers? Is the bear a catholic?

Find out the answers to these questions and more in “Crime Squad 3D - STALK3D (Part 1)”.

Crime Squad 3D Episode 03

Rize & Shine come face to face with the wildman come rock legend that is Havoc and even more terrifyingly his wife! Will our heroes survive? Just how bad does dandelion tea taste? And what was the episode in Sting’s treehouse?

Find out the answers to these questions and more in “Crime Squad 3D - STALK3D (Part 2)”.

Crime Squad 3D Episode 04

Rize & Shine find out exactly why their rock star is called Havoc. Will they survive the day as Havoc lives up to his name? Can you smoke fabric softener? Just how risky is icing sugar?

Find out the answers to these questions and more in “Crime Squad 3D - STALK3D (Part 3)”.

Crime Squad 3D Episode 05

As Havoc takes off into another dimension, Rise & Shine find out what the rock star lifestyle is really about. Is Havoc actually a squiggly wriggly jellyfish? Do little horses mind being felt? And does Havoc finally find his perfect bodyguard?

Find out the answers to these questions and more in “Crime Squad 3D - STALK3D (Part 4)”.

Crime Squad 3D Episode 06

In the final episode Rize and Shine deploy their finely honed interrogation skills (so it says here) to crack the fiendish Tanya Alsip aka Sister Teressa. Can they break the hard nutted nun? What should you wear to an interrogation? And what is actually funny?

At least one of these questions might be answered in "Crime Squad 3D: INTERVIEW3D".


The Raw I’s: Glu (performance version)

The Raw I’s: Gloria (The Death of Me)

Stevey Hay: Kimberley Station



A montage of short animations created around the theme of the number four. Several of these were screen on Channel 4 in the UK as part of a user generated 3d montage during their 3D week in 2009.


A selection of animated sequences created using Enhanced Dimensions RockCandy 3D stock media.

3D BONUS FEATURES (Running Time 32 Minutes)

Hidden – Extended Cut

This version includes an additional scene where police officer Ramona Lewis comes across two youths kicking about what appears to be hr daughter teddy bear. Removed from full film due to limited running time for competition.

Situation Vacant – Super-D Version

This “enhanced” version of Situation Vacant produced after the 48 hour deadline allowed time to add a few enhancements. Primarily these were to do with the 3D effects and included adding a frame breaking shot during the climactic showdown and tweaking the stereoscopic convergence in places.

Situation Vacant – Behind The Scenes

Interviews with cast and crew alongside some footage from behind the scenes shot in 3D.

Crime Squad 3D Pilot

Short pilot for Crime Squad where Rise & Shine get a little too engaged in their music whilst on a stake out. 

Deep Vision Studios – Showreel 2020

Deep Vision Studios stereoscopic 3d showreel featuring clips from the Enhanced Dimensions content alongside several other commercial 3d projects.

  • Making of Cycle

  • Making of The Collection

  • Making of Hidden

  • Making of ATM

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