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VR Edinburgh: St Giles Cathedral, Anaglyph 3D Stills

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

If you would like to get some idea of what the stereoscopic image looks like from our 360 3D VR Edinburgh Production at St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh here's a few anaglyph stills which can be viewed through classic style RED BLUE 3D glasses.

It's generally a little tricky to share 3D images and the age old anaglyph RED CYAN 3D glasses still seems to be the simplest way for users without more expensive 3D viewing equipment. VR headset's are by their very nature ideal stereoscopic displays with a distinct left and right eye view which makes them perfect for full colour stereoscopic 3d display whether it's 360 VR videos, VR gaming or more traditional 3D films.

You don't quite get the actual strength of the 3D from these as we are zoomed out but the effect at full size is impressive with clear depth providing an enhanced experience of the scale of the environment. Hopefully these give a taste of the stereo 3D experience.

Further images and information on when the VR film will be made available will be posted as the project develops.

Andrew Murchie is a creative technology consultant based in Edinburgh, Scotland specialising in virtual reality films & 3D. Over the last 5+ years he has produced Virtual Reality films & experiences for clients including NHS, Kimberly-Clark, The UK Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board, Highland Spring, Seafood in Scotland, Pict Offshore and Tennent Caledonian Breweries.

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