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Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Deep Vision Studios is proud to announce the KICKSTARTER launch for our first Digital 3D Blu-ray release, the limited edition "Enhanced Dimensions: COLLECT3D". This collection brings together a number of awards winning short 3d films, music videos and animations produced by Enhanced Dimensions between 2010 and 2015. Shot natively on digital 3D cameras, this content demonstrates the advances in stereoscopic 3D production technology that allowed independent producers to produce stereoscopic content on extremely low budgets. This collection delivers over a 100 minutes of rarely seen, award winning, unique content! Available in single or deluxe double disc limited editions this is the first time these films and associated content has been available on a commercially available 3D Blu-ray Disc.

PLEASE NOTE: The Disc is compatible both 3D and 2D hardware and will playback in the appropriate format for the capability. As a bonus we've also included the main feature content in Red Blue anaglyph format and will provide two pairs of 3D glasses to allow viewers without modenr 3d hardware still to experience the films in 3D. The Disc Content Includes: Main Features in 3D (Running Time 60 Minutes)

  • Cycle

  • The Collection

  • ATM

  • Hidden

  • Situation Vacant (Super-D Version)

  • The Raw I’s: Glu (Music Video)

  • The Raw I’s: Gloria (Music Video)

  • Stevey Hay: Kimberley Station (Music Video)

  • Fourplay 3D (Animated)

  • RockCandy 3D (Animated)

  • Deep Vision Studios – Showreel 2020

  • Enhanced Dimensions Showreel 2009

  • Crime Squad 3D Teaser

  • ++ All feature content also on disc in Red Blue Anaglyph 3D Format ++

Bonus Features (Running Time 40 Minutes)

  • Making of Situation Vacant (3D)

  • Making of Cycle (2D)

  • Making of The Collection (2D)

  • Making of Hidden (2D)

  • Making of ATM (2D)

Please view our Kickstarter for more details on how to get your hands on a copy of this limited edition 3D Blu-ray collection while you can.

More details about the bonus disc and additional rewards can be found on our KICKSTARTER page.

UPDATE - 03/02/2021

Day Three of our Kickstarter Campaign and we're already over 30% of the way to funding. Very pleased with the response.

UPDATE - 07/02/2021

66% Funded in one week - no time to rest on our laurels though. Here's our video update.

Andrew Murchie is a filmmaker and creative technologist based in Edinburgh, Scotland specialising in virtual reality, augmented reality, stereoscopic 3d, livestreaming and a range of more traditional filmmaking skills. His award winning short films and animations have been selected for inclusion in film festivals around the world and are currently available on the limited edition "Enhanced Dimensions: COLLECT3D" 3D Blu-ray.

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