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ATM - Award Winning 3D Short Film

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Running Time: 01:30

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Release Date: June 2012

A Girl. A Boy. And a cake. It’s love at first bite!

Watch ATM on YouTube in 3D.


ATM is an original “silent” 3D romantic comedy produced and directed by Andrew Murchie.

Featuring brilliant performances from the stunning Cassie Duncan as “The Girl” and the amazingly multi-talented Charlie Boyle as “The Boy”, ATM is an everyday tale of romance, lust and desire.

ATM started out as a quick way to bring an editor up to speed on how to work with stereoscopic footage. Thomas, who was due to edit on the 48 Hour Film Project short film "The Collection 3D", had not used stereoscopic media so during a couple of lunch hours all involved (Andrew, Rhiannon, Thomas, Cassie and Charlie) headed a couple of blocks from their office and shot this silent ultra-short 3D comedy. The aim was for Thomas to take this footage and undertake a practice edit - splitting the files into L+R using Sony's software, then editing in Adobe Premiere Pro. Titles and FX again were created & composited in Adobe After Effects.

Although they provided great performances, in the appropriate silent movie style, neither Cassie nor Charlie were actors. Possibly of equal interest is the shop outside which they are standing during the shoot was actually a sandwich bar, the window with the cakes in was in fact shot about a mile away on Rose Street in central Edinburgh.

Like Cycle this was filmed natively in 3D using the Sony HDR-NX3D1 in Edinburgh during May 2012.

Original Musical score is by Laura Stevens.


Cassie Duncan – The Girl

Charlie Boyle – The Boy


Andrew Murchie – Writer, Producer, Director

Rhiannon Grist – Assistant Director

Thomas Selway – Editor

Laura Stevens – Music

Special Thanks to:

Multiply & Bibi’s Bakery

Visit us on our ATM 3D Facebook Page.


September 2012 – 3D Film Festival (USA)

November 2012 – Aberfeldy Film Festival (Palme-Dewar Short Film Competition) (UK)

December 2012 – LA 3D Film Festival (USA)

December 2012 – Parallax Festival (Czech Republic)

August 2013 – Deep Fried Film Festival (UK)

June 2013 – National Stereoscopic Association 3D-Con 2013 (USA)

May 2014 – “The Piccolo” @ Art Village Scotland (UK)

June 2014 – Indie Film Con 2014 (USA)


December 2012 – Director’s Choice Award, LA 3D Film Festival

July 2013 – Best 3D Cinematography, National Stereoscopic Association 3D-Con 2013


Andrew Murchie is an award winning 3D filmmaker and creative technologist based in Edinburgh, Scotland specialising in virtual reality, augmented reality, stereoscopic 3d, livestreaming and a range of more traditional digital filmmaking skills. He has produced & directed independent stereoscopic 3-D films,VR films, livestreams & Augmented Reality experiences.

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